You cannot talk to your personal trainer 24/7 can you?

Well now you can. Askit has pioneered the retail expert network concept, a platform that allows you to share knowledge with anyone, on any topic, on a live one to one chat.

Is as simple as it sounds, and it allows you to be both the person asking, or the person answering a question, about anything. What is more, if you use your expertise on any subject to answer a question, you get paid! Simply by chatting to someone for 5 minutes, and helping them solve any kind of problem they might have, you get a payment straight to your account, and the pleasure of knowing you have contributed to what we call the Global Brain.

Don’t worry about being able to help –you first read the full question before you decide if you know the answer, and choose to accept the incoming chat or not –welcome to era of making money from your couch. To be a paid user you ll need to have 50 chats under you bag, with a 80% or more positive rate, easy peasy for a subject you feel you really are good at (and no we do not ask you to send over your degree in quantom mechanics, our app users decide your worth by rating you).

And here is another beauty – you can also be the person asking the question, on some other subject you are not the expert at, all within the same app. You might be the one telling others how to change their flat tire in the middle of nowhere, but you will be needing these latest fat burning nutrition tips from the local trainer (or not so local, our platform is global!)

See how it words for you and register your expertise today at .

The wait for the app is almost over and there are tons of people already registered, ready to share their knowledge and help us democratize information by creating the first real Global Brain.


Written by: Makis R