Make money on your schedule, by simply using your knowledge, on any subject, and fast!
Use the Askit app to register the subjects you are good at in seconds – from car mechanics to
quantum mechanics, from fitness tips to legal advice, and from travel tips to motherhood and
nursery, answer someone’s question via a 5 minutes LIVE micro chat, and get paid! Is that simple!

Or use the platform to ask someone, initiate a LIVE chat to a REAL person, and find solutions and
suggestions quickly and easy, customised to your own exact question!

Connect to the experts network in seconds!

The Askit platform includes everyone, because we are all experts on something! You don’t need a degree to help someone, you share what you know already, and make up to 30 pounds an hour!


Set up your details, topics you are good at via the app in seconds and you are ready to go! Keep your status “ON” to indicate you’re available for chatting. Chat Anonymously with anyone and be part of our network!


Start answering questions and after only 50 chats qualify as a paid expert! No need for paperwork to send or degrees to have, simply achieve and maintain an 80% rating from other users and make up to 30 pounds an hour!


Motherhood advice, student exams tips, legal and tax help, travelling, house repairs and plumbing, science, history and so much more… Askit is the first truly real, and LIVE expert network, for everyone!


Make money on topics you are good at or ask others to help on topics you are not! Ask anything via the app in 45 characters, choose a paid chat with our verified experts or a free chat with new users, and off you go!

Revolutionary Engine in the background

Main Features

Our engineers and analytics experts are hard at work to make sure we maintain the biggest retail expert network across the world, what we like to call the Global Brain! Our proprietary optimisation algorithms deliver chat initiation in 45 seconds, or constantly scanning unanswered questions and matching them to experts as soon as they are available.

Experts Database

The Askit database of users and matching expertise is a one of a kind venture encompassing information and knowledge across a huge variety of subjects and topics

Live Chats

The exchange of information is always done LIVE, via a chat. You chat to a real person who can help you solve a problem completely or point you to the right directions.


No bots, no lengthy internet searches, and no looking for “similar questions” online, Askit is all about bespoke communication between two users.

Bucket List

The optimised back end guarantees all questions are answered – even when there is no one live to grab your question now, it stays alive in the bucket list, until an expert becomes available and the chat opens then.

At your Schedule

Swipe ON or OFF to indicate when you want to be in the grid! Keep it OFF and no incoming questions for you, keep it ON and make money during the movie break!

Experts Verification

The market verifies you as an expert – after 50 chats your rating score determines if you are upgraded to a paid user – keep your positive feedback at 80% or above for each registered expertise and keep getting paid!

Free Chats

As an asking user you can always choose to get connected for free – chat to someone new in the platform and get directs answers to your questions.

Paid Chats

You can choose to pay a small fee and chat with verified experts, some will have 90% and 100% positive feedback on thousands of similar questions!!


Our platform is growing by the day, register your details below and be one to the first to use our app very soon!

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