Is not what you think, and you would be making quite a lot more from what I hear.

Bar the oldest profession, If you could actually make up to 30 quid an hour without putting on a suit, without having to go to the office, actually without having to get out of your bed or couch, would you take it? Yes you can. I mean, really you can, today. So can you guess how?

Today’s world is very different from 20 or 30 year ago. First class entrepreneurship and innovation, coupled with today’s ever expanding need for extra cash or a full time occupation, led us to be able to make money from our cars and our apartments when we don’t use them for our own needs, and the list really is growing on how the sharing economy and democratization of services revolution is shaping our future and giving many of us the financial independence we yearn for. I am sure you follow right? I am about to suggest another way you can use something you have, to help others and make cash all the way. No you don’t need to own a car, or a house, or any kind of tools.

You need to own a brain.

You can now make money by using your own knowledge and expertise, on any subject, by chatting to others via your phone and giving them advice. You don’t need a degree or a diploma, you need experience on any topic, and via the Askit platform you can have mini chats to whoever is asking a question you think you can answer. How to change a flat tire, how to fill in your tax return, what is the best fitness tip for burning fat, what are some good first time parenthood tips, where can I get a great Chinese restaurant in South London, how do I fix the washing machine. The list goes on and I bet you, like all of us are an expert on some of these categories. Chat to someone once you see their question for 5 minutes and after the initial vetting period where you get reviewed by asking clients, get paid!

Yes get paid while you are in your couch having coffee, or whatever, all the while chatting to someone about how to go about fixing their laptop, or the latest in video gaming. No initial investment needed, just use your brain, make money and help the Askit platform create the first global retail expert network. Or be the one asking the question and solve your life’s problems, all within the same platform.

Have a look and register your expertise today, the app is almost out and there are tons of people out there with lots of questions. See how it works for you on


Written by: Makis R