If you want someone to chat you, you go to social media. You can have hundreds of “friends” who will be happy to chat the evening away on whatever you fancy, swap pictures with you and other and parade their own opinions and lifestyle choice, and the list goes one. Great is it not? Not gonna get bored ever.

That’s your digital social life sorted.

And yet there is another type of loneliness that cannot be avoided within the internet of things. One that is not about making the most of your leisure time, but about solving your real life problems. I mean the kind of lonnelyness that a social network cannot deal with, but an expert network will. I do feel lonely when I am all alone at home and the fridge breaks, or the washing machine stops working, or when I have a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere, or indeed when I do need to know what this question on my online tax return really means. Same when I want to speak to someone in the know for just 5 minutes about some legal advice, or when I am in a desperate of a really good restaurant in a city I have never been before. I feel lonely when I am in need of some urgent parenting advice and cannot rely on anyone of my friends online, when I want to have an informed opinion on the latest online gaming or when I have to fix the laptop urgently. These are the times that I need someone, anyone, who is a much better expert than me on any of these topics, and who is willing to chat to me, live, on how to go about solving my problems and answering my questions. And what about the times where I just want to help others by solving their problems, answering their questions, trying to reduce their lonelynes?

I need a global expert network for this. Immediately accessible to anyone. Where anyone can ask or answer any question. Where I can see a question someone posts and decide to reply if I know the answer. Where I can ask any question and be connected in seconds to someone who can help. And where I will be paid for my services to the community, one chat at the time.

I need the Askit app. The first and only global retail expert network. One chat at the time, connected in seconds to someone. The lonelys will go away.

Check the site and register your expertise in seconds at www.justaskit.co.

The app launch is fast approaching and there are tone of people out there already waiting to built our network. Make money and help others is seconds, one chat at the time.


Written by: Makis R