There is a time and there is a place, and if you get them both right then you are half way there to success. I mean solving a problem, answering a question, or simply getting to know what is the right direction, what is the right next step in finally getting your answers. Answers to what, I hear you asking!

Too general, I know. But it really does apply to all problems we face on an everyday basis, any little of big inconvenience, any discomfort that we come across when we go on about living our lives, any annoying missing piece of information, or more importantly knowledge, that we do not posses and we really wish we had, for that tiny bit of time that we know this would make the difference between getting there soon or spending an awful lot of time and money to maybe get there.

What does that question mean on the online tax return, how do I urgently fix the broken fridge, what is the latest trend in calories reduction, how do I change a flat tire, what does that exam question really mean, and so on and on and on the questions that need solving go. Really urgent ones (I do need a tip on the broken washing machine right now, I do need some expert legal advice today) or less urgent (I want a good nutrition tip for fat burning and I want a good recommendation for a good restaurant). Yes sure, we have the internet. Hell, 20 years ago we were blind and now we just have to search it don’t we? Well yes we can, but there are good reasons why we can do better, much better. The internet today will not provide you with a live discussion. Instead it will give you a recycled forum that might be relevant to your precise question but very likely not be the exact problem you have in mind.
There is no one there to talk to, its the machine telling you whats been discussed before.

And you guessed it, if there is no one there to talk to then there is no discussion to be had, there is no follow up to your first question, neither there is a counter argument, not a revised idea, not a genuine new approach suggested, well there is none of that stuff you get when you talk to a person. Is just whats been said before, by someone else, for some other problem, take it or leave it. And of course the above means you ll spend a lot of time to get there, if you ever will. One link links to another, and before you know it after a good one hour (or a few hours), you have an idea on what to do next. Existing search engines and forum platforms provide that, and that is great.

But come on now, lets admit it. It would a zillion times better if you had the chance to actually chat to a REAL person, who would be there, live to discuss your immediate concern. And if that person happens to be an expert or at least have a lot more experience than you on that specific subject, well wouldn’t that be amazing? Yes this takes huge effort, time and money, that is why none provides it. I guess the thing that comes closer to what I am describing here is certain sites (likes high street banks or airlines) giving you a pop up window asking you if you want to chat live with one of their employees. Yes that is great, but hey, you would love to have this option an every single topic, not just banking right?

What if you could? What if there was a platform out there that would accept any question from you, and connect you in seconds to someone via a live chat, someone you can have a discussion with and who has experience in the subject you care for. Urgent stuff could get done immediately, panicking situations could be resolved in minutes, or at least you can have a good initial advice on how to go on about it. And on the other side, some real person making real cash out of his or hers expertise, monetizing not his apartment or his car, but his brain.

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Written by: Makis R